Traveling Teacher Program

We offer three programs:

Paid ESL/School Teacher
$2,500 Teaching Internship Package
$1,900 Volunteer Teaching
$1,000 Summer Program

Read more about the difference between the programs

Our benefit package includes:

- Vacation time
- Safe housing, utilities & internet
- Food seven days a week
- Paid & guided cultural excursions (read more)
- Spanish classes (read more)
- Over 150 classroom hours + training

Participants will be teaching English in the city of Tecamachalco, Puebla. We offer long-term employment opportunities to recent graduates and returning volunteers. Please contact us for more details.


March 2015 667


While the activities may vary each semester, the general activities that we plan to do are as follows: Visiting Teotihuacan Visiting Cholula Visiting Veracruz Visiting Center of Puebla Making Tortillas Making Mole Making Posole Visiting [...]


Before traveling to Mexico, there are several things that you should do. Pre-flight Apply to the program Be sure to have a current passport. If you have never had one, it can take 4-6 weeks [...]
January 2015 126


Our volunteers will teach a students of various ages and English levels. From kinder to high school, we have beginners of all ages, as well as some intermediate and advanced students. Many students in our […]

April 2015 417

Living Conditions

Traveling Teacher is based out of Tecamachalco, which is a beautiful growing town in the state of Puebla. Puebla itself is one of the safest states of Mexico. With technology, manufacturing, and farmland, this state [...]


Traveling Teacher offers all volunteers up to 3 hours of Spanish classes. We try to provide a teacher who is fluent in English, although sometimes this isn’t always the case. We will help build in […]

Februrary 2015 028


Mexico is a country rich with history and culture. Two of the seven new world wonders are even found here! From huge pyramids with fascinating history to beautiful beaches, Mexico offers once-in-a-lifetime encounters. Outside of [...]