1. Camp Out When Possible Just because you are traveling does not mean you have to stay in an expensive hotel. Pack a tent and find a safe spot in the woods to sleep. Not only does this eliminate unnecessary costs for lodging, but this allows you to become more comfortable and familiar with nature.
  2. Pack Food Instead of Dining Out Quite often, food expenses take a big hit on travel budgets. Traveling to faraway lands and unfamiliar territory often leads to families choosing restaurants to eat in up to three times a day. These costs, especially for larger families, add up quickly. Instead, pack some snacks and small foods that you can eat throughout the day. Fruits, vegetables, lunch meats, and drinks can all be stored in coolers with ice throughout the day. Simply buying another $2 bag of ice each day will eliminate having to spend up to $100 a day on food.

Traveling for business can be fun. Unfortunately, however, it can also be expensive, at least if you're not careful. If you are careful, though, you will find that there are lots of ways to save money and spare your personal pocketbook when you travel for business. You simply have to know how to cut the costs.

It's inevitable; you'll eventually have to fly somewhere for business purposes. Choosing the right airline to fly with can seem like a momentous task. You want the best deal, while still getting the comfort factor you deserve. This article will go over the top five airlines to fly with for business.


This German airline offers a luxury experience while flying for business. Lufthansa offers lie-back seating, fine dining options, 200 in-flight television shows in eight different languages, priority boarding, lounge access, and free baggage allowance. They offer a wide variety of flights, from short, medium, and long haul flights. If you book business class, you are eligible to enjoy their premier lounges and priority booking.

Each year, Americans take over four hundred million business trips. That number is only expected to grow as more companies continue to realize that there are some things that are simply better done in person. Being away from home...

When most people think of travel, they imagine sipping fruit-filled drinks out of a coconut on a beachside resort or hiking up the side of a mountain on a quest to find breathtaking vistas. While those kinds of experiences are certainly a significant part of the experience, there can be additional benefits. Travel not only opens up the world to you, it can also help you to combat depression.